29 Days Mod (All Open) + Data + Apk for Android

29 Days mod apk is a game where you can test your survival skills. You were offered to participate in the transfer, where you need to survive in the wild, for almost a month. If you fulfill all the conditions, then as a reward you will receive not a small amount of money. Here you will have to work hard in order to survive. If you are ready for difficulties, then it’s time to start the game.

Gameplay 29 Days mod apk

In the game 29 Days mod you have to become a desperate player who throws everything and leaves civilization. He was bored with high-rise buildings and working for a penny, he decided to take part in the transfer. The main character is taken away far beyond the city, into a ruined house. Here he will be completely alone and you need to help him survive. During this period of time, trivial, but at the same time, great difficulties await him.

In 29 Days hack you need to find all the resources for life. In addition, you will be attacked by wild animals, which you must overcome. Every day you will need to get yourself food and water. You will also need to constantly strengthen your home, as it is not safe at night. The closer you are to the finals, the more difficulties you will have on your way.

Features hacking 29 Days mod apk

The 29 Days mod game has a feature that will come in handy throughout the game. Now there is no need to score a certain number of points to open one element. All of you will initially be open for breaking 29 Days hack and you will be able to buy the necessary item at any time. For each successfully completed task you will receive a reward that you can spend on your player.


29 Days mod is a game where you can have a great time. Here you will test your survival skills, because they can be useful to you at any time. To hold out as long as possible in this game, complete the tasks. They will help you to remain not only whole, but also to protect your housing well. Make a weapon to fight off wild animals.

To download the game 29 Days hack you need just a couple of minutes. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. Wait for the full download and you can enjoy the gameplay.

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