3D TD: Chicka Invasion Mod (A lot of money) + Apk for Android

3D TD: Chicka Invasion mod apk – a game where you have to fight with chickens. Only these feathered creatures will be armed, however, like you. Their goal is to get to the house and only you are their barrier. They are very tricky, so you need to think carefully where to put some traps. Each level will have its own location, which you can scroll through 360 degrees. Place it so that you can see the action in all corners. After all, these creatures will attack the house from all sides and not fall into your trap.

Gameplay 3D TD: Chicka Invasion mod apk

3D TD: Chicka Invasion mod will move you to the village, now there is no need to go out of town for a long time to fight with the chickens. When you start the game immediately acquire weapons, ranging from an ax and ending with explosives. You need to protect your house in any way, otherwise you will live on the street. The game is accompanied by sound, so watching the picture will be fun.

At first, your enemies will attack one by one during a 3D TD: Chicka Invasion hack. But such happiness will not last long, as the hens prepare well. Get ready for the waves, not the seas, but the chickens. It sounds like a bad dream, but in reality there is just a struggle for ownership. An ordinary henhouse of feathered creatures is no longer satisfied, they require improvements!

Features hacking 3D TD: Chicka Invasion mod apk

For such a fight in a 3D TD: Chicka Invasion mod game, hacking needs more weapons that you can afford. A feature of the modification is an infinite amount of cash. At any time you can look into the store and afford any protection in breaking 3D TD: Chicka Invasion hack.

The result

3D TD: Chicka Invasion mod shows the fight between humans and animals. Despite the fact that the chicken is several times smaller than a man, she tries to win back the house. The attack alone is not terrible, as the feathered terrorist may be on the dinner table. From their own experience, the enemies understood this and decided to join forces. In addition, they procured and learned to use weapons.

You can participate in this madness with the help of the 3D TD: Chicka Invasion hack. You can install the game on your mobile device for free and immediately enjoy the gameplay.

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