aa 2 Mod + Apk for Android

aa 2 mod apk – this is the same puzzle game, which is, in practice, a complete copy of the first part, with the only exception that there is an increased number of levels. Whether it’s good or bad is a controversial issue, because on the one hand you can play again in the simplest puzzles, but on the other – here you will not find anything new. But in any case, playing this game is fun, especially for those who missed the first part of these puzzles in their time!

Gameplay aa 2 mod apk

aa 2 mod has the same gameplay as before. Namely, you need to attach small black dots to one big one. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to impose one point on another, because this will automatically be considered a loss. With each level will grow the speed of rotation, the number of points that need to be delivered, and the number of points that are already attached to the big one!

This time, aa 2 hack does not offer you anything, because all levels will be available to you from the very beginning of the game. Naturally, if you get to them through the previous ones. In any case, the game has no modifications, which were in the first part.

Features aa 2 mod apk

It is difficult to single out some peculiarities in aa 2 mod, which is almost identical to the first part. Nevertheless, the main feature of the game is an even greater number of puzzles and levels. This allows you to play even those who are already familiar with the previous game. Graphics in aa 2 hack also remained the same, namely – minimalistic and black and white.

The result

aa 2 mod is a very strange sequel that copies the first part in all, providing only new levels. If you have already played the previous game, it’s unlikely that you will be particularly interested here, and if not, then it’s better to skip the original and start from this part, because there are additional levels!

Download aa 2 hack is as easy as the first part. Just download the necessary files on your mobile device and install the game itself. After that, you can safely begin to pass through numerous levels and puzzles.

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