aa Mod (Everything is open, no ads) + Apk for Android

aa mod apk is a very simple puzzle game, the essence of which is to attach small black dots to a large one. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. After all, it’s not enough just to add points, you still need not get on already attached! And with each level it will be more and more difficult, because in the game field will already appear with the attached points, and the speed of rotation – increase!

Gameplay aa mod apk

As already mentioned, aa mod is a puzzle game. The essence of it is to launch black dots over a huge rotating one to attach them to it. The game has only one limitation, which automatically leads to a loss – you can not get on already attached black dots. Otherwise, do not be afraid of the order of numbers on the points, it is not necessary to observe it at all.

So, as the game is pretty simple, then aa hack does a simple thing. It simply unlocks all levels and features of the game, and also turns off all annoying ads, which will allow you to more comfortably solve puzzles and play the game!

Features aa mod apk

Naturally, the main feature of such a simple game as aa mod is, in fact, its simplicity. The game is made in a minimalistic black and white style, and the puzzles themselves have a simple principle, but a rather complicated solution. In general, aa hack is a simple game about simplicity!

The result

aa mod – a great way to really relax from the hustle, solving one after another puzzles, which are both simple and complex. Try to pass all the levels with the maximum result, to inscribe your name in the highscore tables! In principle, this is the only goal of the game – to pass the levels and earn points.

Actually, downloading aa hack is as simple as playing it. It’s enough to click on the links and download either the original game or the modification, where everything is completely unlocked and ads disabled. But in general, the choice is always yours, which version to use. Good luck with the passage of these fascinating puzzles!

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