Age of Cavemen Mod (Damage) + Apk for Android

Age of Cavemen mod apk is a game where you can create not only your village, but also a powerful army. You are transported a couple of million years ago and meet with the aborigines. Here mammoths roam the lawns, and bison attack civilians. You will need to build and protect your application not only from predators, but also from other tribes. The strongest survives here.

Gameplay Age of Cavemen mod apk

The game Age of Cavemen mod is an ancient world, on which you can not only look, but also participate in its development. The first thing you need to create your character that will fulfill your instructions. After, you can go out into the wild and start taking care of your accommodation, because at night it’s not safe at all.

But your player in Age of Cavemen hack will not last long alone, he needs a company. Buy another character and build housing. Your tenants need food, so it’s time to start farming. You will also attack other settlements from which you can take their loot. But be prepared that they will also come to visit you.

Features hacking Age of Cavemen mod apk

The game Age of Cavemen mod has many features, but the main one is damage. It is also worth highlighting your earnings, because even the ancient people had their own currency. You can get it by completing tasks or attacking other settlements. With each level, it will become more difficult to break into Age of Cavemen hack, but if you try, then you all must succeed. Also do not forget to pump your characters, so you add strength to them.


Age of Cavemen mod – an exciting game that appeal to both children and adults. After all, here you can participate in the development of mankind, and not just read about it. You will try by all means to survive and fight with both people and wild animals. Also, you can tame wild animals and use for their own purposes.

You can download Age of Cavemen hack for free. To do this, take any modern gadget and click on the install button. In a few minutes you will forget about the real world and go exploring the past. It only remains to wish good luck!

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