Agent Dash Mod + Apk for Android

Agent Dash mod apk is a fun runner about a super spy who needs to be helped to escape from the various traps of the supervillain that set them up not only in his personal base, but also in the surrounding lands. Soak up the spirit of incredible adventures, collect more diamonds and emerge victorious from this unequal fight, driving the main character and avoiding hits in quite deadly traps, which will be just a huge amount on your way!

Gameplay Agent Dash mod apk

Actually, playing Agent Dash mod will be quite easy! After all, all that is required of you is to move your finger across the screen so that the main character moves from one track to another, bypassing the deadly dangers in his path. Also, sometimes it will be necessary to jump over obstacles or pass under them, moving the corresponding movements with a finger up and down.

During Agent Dash hack there will be a lot of different levels where traps will change every now and then. Therefore, to collect the maximum points, you need to be extremely careful throughout the journey! By the way, the game has no logical ending. You just need to run and save points to earn a decent place in the rating table.

Features hacking Agent Dash mod apk

All that can offer you a modification for Agent Dash mod is a huge amount of bonuses, thanks to which you will quickly be able to take a leading position. Use all the opportunities provided to speed up the gameplay for yourself and make it much more fun in breaking Agent Dash hack!


Agent Dash mod is a colorful three-dimensional cartoon-style game that offers you only endless levels, where the main task is to collect points. Try to earn as many awards as possible that will help you to achieve superiority in the local rating table!

Download Agent Dash hack is always and absolutely free! You just have to click on the links and download the full and current version of the game, which will be available to you without restrictions. Install, run and play!

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