Alpha-Beta Mod (Premium, Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Alpha-Beta mod apk is a funny arcade game about letters where you will collect various words in a very unusual way. You have a long way to go, freeing other letters from imprisonment and fighting with numerous monsters that exist in the fictional world of the game. Time to gather your own army and personally lead it into an unequal battle with whole crowds of enemies who guard the cells with your allies!

Gameplay Alpha-Beta mod apk

In Alpha-Beta mod, a cheerful and dynamic gameplay awaits you, where you will lead a small army of letters that try to free as many of their compatriots as possible, while also looking for different letters to make up a word. Your task is to control this whole mass and fight with numerous monsters that will prevent you from fulfilling your mission.

In the Alpha-Beta hack quite interestingly organized the opportunity to replenish their troops. To add letters to your army, you need to knock out the keys from enemies and look for cells with other letters that will join your army after liberation. Accordingly, you can lose only one way – to lose all the letters from your troops.

Features hacking Alpha-Beta mod apk

Along with the modification for Alpha-Beta mod you get not just a premium opportunity, but an infinite amount of play money. You can spend them on anything, but the best thing is to get various bonuses, thanks to which it is easy to get through the Alpha-Beta hack!


Alpha-Beta mod is a very fun arcade game that will give you a lot of fun and lift your spirits. Here you can lead your own army and defeat all the enemies that you will only meet on your way.

Download Alpha-Beta hack, you can always free and without restrictions. Just follow the links and download the version of the game that you liked the most. If you do not want difficulties, then simply download the modification and enjoy premium and endless money!

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