Amateur Surgeon 4 Mod (Infinite Currency) + Apk for Android

Amateur Surgeon 4 mod apk is one of the most unusual surgeon simulators on mobile devices that takes you into a fantasy world with its weirdness. Get ready to operate on non-standard patients, each of which has its own unique diseases, which you will need to treat in the same non-standard ways. In general, grab the cutter and start cutting!

Gameplay Amateur Surgeon 4 mod apk

Amateur Surgeon 4 mod consists of many levels on which it is necessary to carry out operations for a variety of patients. Carefully read the history of diseases and carry out the most insane and dangerous operations that you have never performed to save the lives of your strange patients and prevent them from die an agonizing death! In fact, the game is a puzzle, where it is necessary to carry out certain actions, otherwise the patient will simply die.

It is important to note the Amateur Surgeon 4 hack, which resembles various horror films. And no wonder, because the main character is a real zombie, who during his lifetime was a first-class surgeon. And now you will need to help him regain his skills in order to treat already several other patients.

Features hacking Amateur Surgeon 4 mod apk

Infinite resources and currency in Amateur Surgeon 4 mod? No problem. In the presence of a special modification that provides you with unlimited resources to help them so that you can come in handy for easier passing each of the levels that only have in the Amateur Surgeon 4 hack!


Amateur Surgeon 4 mod is a rather unusual and bright game where you will treat fantastic patients for the same diseases. Get ready for an incredible otherworldly adventure, during which you can get acquainted with a huge variety of creatures!

To start playing Amateur Surgeon 4 hack, just download the game on your mobile device. You can do this for free, because there is nothing easier than to follow the links provided and download the full version of the game both in the original and with the modification!

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