Ananias Fellowship Edition Mod + Apk for Android

Ananias Fellowship Edition mod apk – this is a classic “rogue-like” role-playing game, where you choose your character class and go to explore a variety of dungeons, where you will come across quite strong opponents that guard various valuable things. Fight your enemies, develop your character and get access to more and more difficult and gloomy places where the strongest enemies live!

Gameplay Ananias Fellowship Edition mod apk

In the Ananias Fellowship Edition mod, the gameplay is very unusual. Here the whole game takes place in turn-based mode, even outside the battle the character moves one cell at a time. Of course, this may seem unusual, but do not worry, you will quickly get comfortable! Your task in the game is very simple. You just need to go through the various rooms in search of valuable things that will be useful to you in the further adventure.

In the Ananias Fellowship Edition hack you can choose different classes of heroes, each of which has its own unique characteristics and abilities. Try to play for all the classes to determine which one best suits your style of play! Do not forget to develop the skills of your hero so that he can always defeat a strong opponent!

Features hacking Ananias Fellowship Edition mod apk

For Ananias Fellowship Edition mod, there is no modification of hacking, but then you can always play a full-fledged game without restrictions! That’s right, you will have access to all game levels, characters and features, as if you were playing a full-fledged original game. Actually, Ananias Fellowship Edition hack is a full-fledged copy of the original game!


Ananias Fellowship Edition mod is a dark, but very exciting adventure, where there was a place not only for research, but also for battles against dozens of different opponents that would attack anyone who dared to disturb their peace!

To download the Ananias Fellowship Edition hack on your mobile device, you can simply use the links that allow you to download installation files for free. You can immediately start the gameplay as soon as you install the game!

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