Angry Birds Epic Mod (Infinite Coins) + Data + Apk for Android

Angry Birds Epic mod apk – a new version of the game you are very familiar with. Evil birds have captured the whole world, now it’s just impossible to live without them. It would seem a simple game, but at first sight it falls in love with itself. This time you have to go in the Middle Ages and fight against your enemies there. Green pigs again stole eggs from local residents and are already planning a feast. So let’s spoil their holiday!

Gameplay Angry Birds Epic mod apk

In the game Angry Birds Epic mod, initially you will see a map, just for it you will have to move around during the game. The warehouse where the eggs of birds are kept is located at the very top of the island and you need to get there. Successfully passing levels you will approach your goal. It’s time to start the battle before it’s too late. This time you will meet face to face with your enemies, you can forget about the slingshot.

Now in the Angry Birds Epic hack, you will fight on a small playing field, where you will see how much strength the birds have left. You will also see the ability of pigs and in your best interest to lower them first. To win, you need to choose a bird and click on a certain pig. The bigger your enemy, the harder it is to defeat him.

Features hacking Angry Birds Epic mod apk

A special feature of the legendary game Angry Birds Epic mod is money. Without them, even in the virtual world can not do. You will receive them for each successfully completed level. With each stage you will be harder to defeat enemies, so you need to take care of your birds. Improve the skills of your heroes in the Angry Birds Epic hack, so you will increase their chances of winning.


Angry Birds Epic mod is a game everyone loves. She likes both children and adults, you can play it without a break. Wherever you are, you can always enjoy the flight of evil birds and their battle with the pigs. Sometimes it seems that this war will be eternal, but everything has its limit.

Installing the game breaking Angry Birds Epic hack is very simple, and most importantly – for free. To do this, take any modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes, you can enjoy the game and set the heat to the pigs.

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