Angry Birds Friends Mod + Apk for Android

Angry Birds Friends mod apk is a continuation of the popular game series in which even more battles with pigs await you! Get ready for the next portion of crazy arcades, where you will need to run the birds through the buildings in order to once and for all end the threat from the pigs, destroying them yourself! Meet the old heroes again and get ready for a completely new adventure in the familiar world!

Gameplay Angry Birds Friends mod apk

Angry Birds Friends mod has all the same standard gameplay, in which you need to choose the flight path and run the birds in different buildings. Your task is to destroy all pigs on the level, while the faster you do this with the maximum damage to the buildings, the more points you can earn. Consider that some birds have special skills, and their number is limited to each level!

What is the difference between Angry Birds Friends hack from the rest of the games in the series? In addition to new challenges, you will also have the opportunity to compete with your friends in the set of points. Fortunately, you do not need to call them into the game to play at the same time. After all, the account is remembered, and you just need to break a friend’s record to win!

Features hacking Angry Birds Friends mod apk

Want to simplify your gameplay? Then just download the modification for Angry Birds Friends mod and enjoy the features that it provides you. Playing in the Angry Birds Friends hack will be much easier than if you passed the levels in the original version.

The result

Angry Birds Friends mod is a great continuation of the game series, which will offer you completely new levels that can challenge your skills. Start the game and join your friends to play together!

To fight with the pigs, you need to download the Angry Birds Friends hack on your mobile device and start playing. Downloading the game will cost you nothing, because all the files are initially available to you completely free of charge! Use the opportunity and play as much as you want!

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