Angry Birds Mod (All open, bonuses, no ads) + Apk for Android

Angry Birds mod apk is the very first game in the series of legendary arcades where you can return to the very beginning of the epic confrontation between birds and pigs! Enjoy the classic gameplay, which consists of several dozen levels, where you need to show incredible accuracy and ingenuity to defeat your enemies and complete each level with the maximum result! Set a new record and become an example to follow other players from around the world!

Gameplay Angry Birds mod apk

Angry Birds mod is a classic arcade game where you need to launch birds at each level using a slingshot on the fortifications of hostile birds. Carefully select the flight path and launch force to maximize the use of the entire range of available birds. Want to earn maximum results? Then use the minimum number of birds to win!

In the Angry Birds hack there are a huge number of levels, which are divided into several chapters with their plot and background. But they all boil down to the same goal – to defeat all pigs at the level, whether it be their fall, hitting them with a bird or burying them in the rubble!

Features hacking Angry Birds mod apk

Open all the levels in Angry Birds mod, gain and get rid of annoying ads will help you a special modification! It is installed instead of the original game and offers all of the above changes for free. With them, you can simply enjoy the story of Angry Birds hack and it is easy enough to go through all the stages!


Angry Birds mod is a truly legendary game, from which all other parts of the franchise went, where there was a place not only for classic arcades, but even for racing and action games! Here you can do enough with the pigs in the usual setting and with a simple gameplay.

You can download Angry Birds hack from the links provided, which allow you to download a full, up-to-date version of the game absolutely free of charge and without any restrictions, not only in the original, but also with a cool modification!

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