Angry Birds Star Wars II Mod + Apk for Android

Angry Birds Star Wars II mod apk is a direct continuation of the crossover of two magnificent franchises, where you will again have to help the birds defeat pigs in an epic confrontation, which was transferred to the Star Wars decorations. This time the action of the game will unfold during the time of the classic original trilogy, where the war broke out between the Alliance and the Empire! Go through the difficult path of the Jedi, or go to the dark side and break the rebellion!

Gameplay Angry Birds Star Wars II mod apk

Angry Birds Star Wars II mod, as last time, offers you a standard for this series of gameplay, but with the style and feature of Star Wars. As before, you need to destroy all pigs or birds at the level, while trying to destroy more fortifications, so that not only with their help you can break pigs, but also get extra points for it. Each character has its own abilities that can be activated at launch.

In the Angry Birds Star Wars II hack, there is also a set of different boosters that will help you complete one level or another. There are a lot of them here, especially since you will play not only for the bright side of power, but also for the dark one!

Features hacking Angry Birds Star Wars II mod apk

Like other games in the series, Angry Birds Star Wars II mod also has its own special modified version, which has a much simplified gameplay and allows you to pass levels without any problems, using all the boosters and features. This allows you to quickly go through even the most difficult stages in the Angry Birds Star Wars II hack and enjoy the plot of the game itself!


Angry Birds Star Wars II mod is a great continuation that not only keeps the quality bar of the last part, but also raises it! Try to go through all the levels and see that you can play fun not only for good heroes, but also for outright villains!

And, as usual, you can download Angry Birds Star Wars II hack for free absolutely free and without any restrictions. Simply download the full version of the game to your mobile device and start playing right away!

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