Antihero Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Antihero mod apk is a game in which you will get the role of a thief. And you will not be engaged in small matters, but rather large ones. But you will not only have to steal to get to the finish line. Sometimes you will be prevented from winning a victory and you will have only one way out – to kill the enemy. Initially, you will be together with opponents on the playing field, but in the course of the game characters will be added.

Gameplay Antihero mod apk

In the game Antihero mod you have to go against the law in order to win. You will become not just a thief, but a real gangster who will do anything to win. Two players will be placed on the playing field, and you will be able to choose your opponent yourself. You will need to rob the house and catch the criminals who will roam on this map.

Antihero hack is a game of speed. You will need to score as much as possible with a point to win. Whoever scores points faster and more will receive a prize. You can spend it on the player, having improved his abilities. With each level, the map will expand and new obstacles will appear that will prevent you from reaching the finish line.

Features hacking Antihero mod apk

The game Antihero mod does not need features, because it copes well without them. Here you have to learn is not an easy life of a criminal who will spin in every possible way in order to survive. His life is not sugar and you can try it yourself using the Antihero hack. The player who loses will be behind bars and in order to get out of there you have to pay a bribe.


Antihero mod is a rather dangerous game, because here you have to become a real criminal. You will rob other people’s homes and even kill people in the virtual world. You will have to fight with quite strong players to get the victory. Try to clean the house as quickly as possible, because your chances of winning will depend on it. You can also look at the rating table at any time and admire your results.

The game Antihero hack is very easy to install, here you do not need any skill. Take any modern gadget that is convenient for you and click on the install button. Wait until the download is complete and you can run the game. Get ahead of your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!

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