Automatrons: Shoot and Drive Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Automatrons: Shoot and Drive mod apk is a fun and dynamic fantastic arcade game that takes you to the fictional world of wars and robots. Take control of one of the powerful robots and in the most direct sense, ride through various levels, destroying all opponents on your way. Help the robots defeat their worst enemies and bring peace and quiet back to the broken world!

Gameplay Automatrons: Shoot and Drive mod apk

In Automatrons: Shoot and Drive mod the whole process of the game is divided into two stages. In the first, you will be transported on various vehicles through extensive levels. But as soon as you meet opponents on your way, that very time will turn from a car into a huge robot, which possesses impressive armament that can stop any enemy! Thus you will pass all levels, moving on them and destroying enemies.

In Automatrons: Shoot and Drive hack you will be given a choice of several robots that differ in weaponry and appearance. In addition, each subsequent level will be more difficult than the previous one, so get ready for the real tests in the future!

Features hacking Automatrons: Shoot and Drive mod apk

In Automatrons: Shoot and Drive mod, you can do all sorts of upgrades so that your fighters can always fight back a stronger opponent. The modification removes all restrictions, giving you an unlimited amount of play money, so you can always get everything that is possible in the Automatrons: Shoot and Drive hack!


Automatrons: Shoot and Drive mod is a fascinating journey through the world of the future, where some robots fight others. Control your fighter and defeat all opponents who only dare to challenge you!

Download absolutely free Automatrons: Shoot and Drive hack on your mobile device and play without restrictions in your favorite arcade game. Moreover, you can also download a modification that gives an unlimited amount of money!

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