Backflip Madness Mod + Apk for Android

Backflip Madness mod apk is a simple arcade game where you have to go through a huge number of tests that offer you to demonstrate all the skills of parkour. Get ready to jump from a variety of places to land exactly where you want. At the same time, landing on the legs is an important condition, so not everything will be so easy in this game. Dare, and you will surely succeed!

Gameplay Backflip Madness mod apk

Backflip Madness mod is a very simple gameplay. Here you only need to click on the screen so that the virtual character flips back. Your task at each level is to land in a certain zone. At the same time, you must land on your feet, so that only through trial and error can you achieve the desired result. It will become more difficult to play with each level, keep this in mind.

In the Backflip Madness hack there are plenty of levels, each of which is a separate test at a specific location. Try to pass them all and score maximum points to earn the title of best player! And do not forget that assiduity and attentiveness are required here.

Features Backflip Madness mod apk

Backflip Madness mod is a simple game in itself. So there are no modifications and additions for it. Nevertheless, the feature is the ability to play for free and without restrictions in all levels, which are only in the Backflip Madness hack. So hours of pleasure and fun are provided to you!


Backflip Madness mod offers you a huge amount of tests that you will need to pass in order to win. Get ready to play for a long time, because it will not be so easy to complete all the levels and earn solid points.

Immerse yourself in the world of parkour easily. It remains only to download the Backflip Madness hack on your mobile device and install the game. Then just run it and start walking. Only the full-fledged version of the game is stored here, which you can also download absolutely free of charge and without any restrictions!

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