Evolution Mod (Infinite DNA, no ads) + Apk for Android Evolution mod apk is a game where you have to deal with bacteria. To be precise, you will have to become a bacterium yourself and go through an evolutionary path. Right now, scientists are taking out a new type of bacteria, but it is your bacteria that decide to go against the system. She does not want to be in a test tube anymore and she is looking for a way to accelerate her development. Help the bacteria out and arrange chaos in the lab.

Gameplay Evolution mod apk

Management in the game Evolution mod is very simple. You will be given a virtual joystick, from which you will manage your subordinates. By the way, think up how you will name your bacterium to see it in the rating table. Before the start of the game you will see two lists, in one of them there will be your team, and in the other enemies. Also on the playing field you will see a map where your opponents will be marked in red.

Your task in Evolution hack is to destroy your enemies, this is the only way you can evolve. As soon as you successfully pass the level a capsule will appear in front of your eyes. You need to fill it up, for this you need to successfully complete the levels. Having filled the capsule in full, you will proceed to the next stage. So time after time your bacterium will increase.

Features hacking Evolution mod apk

The main feature in the game Evolution mod is an infinite amount of DNA. It sounds strange, but they are the game currency. If you are defeated by Evolution hack, you can easily recover for a small fee. Your character starts to shoot as soon as he sees enemies on the horizon, so your task is to direct him in the right direction.


The game Evolution mod will help you to have a fascinating and unusual time. Here you will go through a whole history of evolution and understand how long and fascinating this process is. Already from a small size, you have to fight with a large number of enemies. That is why the strongest survives, so do not stop at one of the stages of evolution. Evolution hack is very easy to install on your gadget. It is enough to take it in hand and click on the install button. A couple of minutes and you can do the development of their bacteria. It remains to wish good luck in the game and of course patience.

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