BADLAND Mod (All Open) + Data + Apk for Android

BADLAND mod apk is a simple action arcade game in which you will play as some kind of fantastic creature that needs your help. Try to help him, overcoming with him a huge number of various obstacles in a fictional and contrasting two-dimensional world. Your new friend can not only increase in size, but also decrease. Use it to overcome all difficulties on your way and reach your goal!

Gameplay BADLAND mod apk

In BADLAND mod is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Here the game will make you move continuously so that the creature is not left behind the constantly moving camera. After all, it costs him to get stuck somewhere, and you have to start all over again from the control point! Even more, the gameplay is complicated by the ability of this creature to increase and decrease its size.

After all, it is very easy to get stuck in the BADLAND hack, if you do not calculate the number of selected spheres that the creature can make very large and it can get stuck along the way. So it is worth being very careful on your way to successfully overcome all levels to the very end. Don’t forget to bounce if the passage is high!

Features hacking BADLAND mod apk

To open all levels in the game, you need to use for this modification BADLAND mod! It simply unlocks all the gaming capabilities, so that you can enjoy all the advantages of the original BADLAND hack without any problems or restrictions.


BADLAND mod is an interesting arcade game in which you need to correctly calculate your strength in order to win. Try to overcome all obstacles in your path to unlock even more interesting levels and challenges. So you will enjoy the game process for a long time.

Download BADLAND hack you can always free of charge and without any problems. After all, the site has links to which you can easily download not only the full original version, but also a modification, which opens up all the gaming opportunities for the full enjoyment of the game!

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