Battle Tales Mod + Apk for Android

Battle Tales mod apk is a slightly different interpretation of fairy tales from childhood, where all the characters turned into powerful warriors that fight each other. Discover the fabulous but dangerous world, gather a team of heroes and go in search of adventure to earn wealth, fame and power! Join the forces of good and help them defeat evil creatures that threaten the whole world order!

Gameplay Battle Tales mod apk

Battle Tales mod is a role-playing game, where you choose your heroes and in every way you can upgrade their characteristics in battles. But the most important thing is that you have a multiplayer role-playing game in front of you, which means that not only ordinary monsters, but also other players will face you. It can also be a great opportunity to make new friends and go on a great journey through the game world with them.

When breaking into Battle Tales hack, it is important to always pump your heroes and keep their characteristics as high as possible. This is necessary to make it easier for you to defeat enemies and advance through dozens of levels full of different dangers and besides your opponents. You will also be able to unlock various abilities to use in battles.

Features hacking Battle Tales mod apk

Since Battle Tales mod is a multiplayer game, this means that you cannot use any modifications! After all, they simply block your access to other players. But then you can always enjoy the full-fledged gameplay with the help of the current version of Battle Tales hack – this is the whole feature of the game!


Battle Tales mod allows you to immerse yourself in a completely unusual world, where fairy tales have come to life and now present a certain danger to you. But do not worry, because you just need to train and no enemy can interfere with your progress!

You can always download Battle Tales hack on the site, and only the current version of the game with all current updates is available here so you can play and enjoy the gameplay with other players without any problems!

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