Battlestation Harbinger Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Battlestation Harbinger mod apk is a game where you can control a spaceship. If you have had a dream since childhood to go into space, then right now you can fulfill it. In this case, you do not need to pass the test, but rather just run the game. Here you can not only feel weightlessness, but also fight with enemies. Be prepared that with each battle you will become more difficult.

Gameplay Battlestation Harbinger mod apk

The game Battlestation Harbinger mod you become the captain of the ship, but not underwater, and space. Only a couple of minutes are left before your departure, it is you who can cope with this mission. Alien inhabitants are approaching our planet in order to capture it, they need to be stopped in any way. You have been issued the best ship with the most modern weapons, so you need to stop unwanted guests.

During the Battlestation Harbinger hack, you will be attacked from all sides, but you will not be afraid of such a brave man. As soon as enemies appear on your horizon, the ship will automatically open fire. You need to send it to rivals to destroy their ships. You should not wait when the enemy gets closer, start the attack from a distance. After all, the enemy will not surrender after one shot, he will fight to the end.

Features hacking Battlestation Harbinger mod apk

In the game Battlestation Harbinger mod is worth highlighting one feature that you will encounter most often. For each successfully completed battle, you will receive a huge amount of coins, which at any time you can spend in breaking the Harbinger Battlestation hack. With the help of money you can improve your ship or buy yourself a new transport of movement.


Battlestation Harbinger mod is a great game to pay attention to. Here you can become a real hero, protecting your planet. Many opponents will attack you at the same time and you will have to overcome them, otherwise they will destroy the whole world. You can always see your success in the rating table and understand what you need to strive for.

All you need for a flight into space is a Battlestation Harbinger hack game. You can place it on your mobile device or on any other modern gadget. To do this, click on the install button and in a couple of minutes you will hear a countdown.

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