BattleTime Mod + Apk for Android

BattleTime mod apk is a game for the whole family. After all, it is here that you can have a fun time and forget about external problems. Starting the game you automatically become the owner of a fortress and a strong army. In this game you will defend your possession from the raids of enemy forces that want to win your tower. Together with your soldiers you will destroy enemies.

Gameplay BattleTime mod apk

In the game BattleTime mod you will become not only the owner, but also the main defender of the tower. To go to battle, you will need to take care of the appearance of your hero. To do this, go to the store and select the character you like, just before that read its characteristics. In addition, you need to take care of the weapons that you will use in battle.

And now is the time to start a battle in the breaking of BattleTime hack. Choose an opponent equal in strength to have at least some chance of winning. You need to gain experience so that over time, you can fight with stronger opponents. If you fail, do not give up and try your strength again.

Features hacking BattleTime mod apk

The game BattleTime mod has no features, but that doesn’t make it any worse. Here you will follow the map on which you will find your opponents. For more powerful players there will be tournaments, which over time you will be able to join. For each of your victories in BattleTime hack, you will receive a reward. You need it to improve your hero and army.


BattleTime mod is a combat game that will win your heart. In this place you can feel like a real hero who will bravely defend his possessions. If you want to compete with a rating, feel free to invite your family or friends to the game. So you can spend time with them, and even have fun. Launch the game now!

With the installation of the game, BattleTime hack can be done by everyone, because it is absolutely simple. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and connect to the network. Then click on the install button and wait for the full download. Have a nice game!

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