Beat Racer Mod (Coins, Diamonds) + Apk for Android

Beat Racer mod apk is a stylish musical rhythm game where you will drive a futuristic car and collect colorful spheres that are responsible for the rhythm of the melody that will play on the background. You are expected by the most fantastic and challenging tracks, which will please not only with their bizarre forms, but also with various obstacles that must be overcome in order to successfully complete the levels!

Gameplay Beat Racer mod apk

In Beat Racer mod, quite interesting levels of hacking that are built on the rhythm of a variety of electronic melodies that will please your ears throughout the game. The essence of the game is to collect multi-colored spheres that will bring you points. Moreover, to pass to the next stage, it is necessary to accumulate a certain amount of these same points.

However, not everything is so simple in breaking the Beat Racer hack. Each track in the game has different obstacles that need to either go around or fly. It should be careful, because a collision with an obstacle will complete the level ahead of time and you will lose! By the way, in the game you can choose not only the melody, but also the car on which you will go through all the stages.

Features hacking Beat Racer mod apk

In Beat Racer mod, there is a different game currency, which includes regular coins and premium diamonds. If the first is enough to get, then for diamonds will have to fork out. Well, or just download the modification for breaking the Beat Racer hack and enjoy an unlimited number of both diamonds and coins!

The result

Beat Racer mod invites you to enjoy great indie tunes from the world of electronic music. So it is highly recommended to play with the sound in order to fully feel the melody that you will pass through, collecting the spheres to the rhythm of background music.

Immerse yourself in the magical melodies and go through the many stages you will allow free download Beat Racer hack on your mobile device. Just click on one of the suggested links and start your journey through many levels!

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