Behind The Door Mod + Apk for Android

Behind The Door mod apk – a game where you get the role of a detective. If you are not a fan of horror and do not like horror stories, then this news you will not be happy. Otherwise, welcome and get ready to plunge into darkness. Here you will be able to face the unknown creatures, which will cause you not only disgust, but also wild fear. Well, let’s play?

Gameplay Behind The Door mod apk

In the game Behind The Door mod you have to uncover an important thing that excited the whole city. In a large metropolis, almost the entire population was fixated on the disappearance of a group of teenagers who went to an abandoned country house. Only one person knew about their trip, but he simply did not have the courage to go there. The guys just wanted to explore the house, but could not return.

You have to go to the scene in the break Behind The Door hack and understand the cause of the loss, because the investigation could not even find the bodies of adolescents. According to the stories of their friend, the guys went there late in the evening and were going to spend the whole night there. Now you need to wait for the dark to start your work. Not an hour later, after sunset, how you feel that you are not alone in the house.

Features hacking Behind The Door mod apk

The game Behind The Door mod has no features, except as always fear. If you are a fan of tickling your nerves, then this game is for you. Here you will encounter paranormal phenomena that will not allow you to focus on work. In the case of a job in the Behind The Door hack you will receive a reward that will allow you to buy tips.


Behind The Door mod – a game where you can definitely forget about your peace of mind. If you are not afraid, then try to turn off the lights, and make the sound to maximum. In the case of complete solitude, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Who knows, maybe these creatures are the very missing teenagers. It remains only to find out what is in them.

With the installation of the game Behind The Door hack is easier to figure out easy, there is nothing difficult. Take the mobile device you use every day and click on the install button. Have a nice game!

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