Beholder Mod (Infinite money, coins, everything is open) + Data + Apk for Android

Beholder mod apk is a very addictive and unusual adventure game, which can be described as a “scammer simulator”! After all, here you will have one specific task – to search among the residents of the house for those who violate the law or simply lead the wrong way of life, in order to surrender it to the appropriate authorities and earn a reward. Discover the brutal totalitarian world where only the law rules!

Gameplay Beholder mod apk

Beholder mod is a great and very thoughtful game where you will need to monitor the tenants of the house. At your disposal will be a variety of tools for surveillance, which will help to calculate unwanted individuals and bring them to clean water. Start with the usual peeping and listening to people, and then move on to more technological means, up to the placement of cameras throughout the house!

In the cracking of the Beholder hack you will do everything not just like that, but following the plot. At each of the levels you will have your own special task that must be completed before the end of the day. Watch your neighbors and talk to them to find clues and figure out the criminal who threatens the whole order!

Features hacking Beholder mod apk

If you do not want to save money for a long time in Beholder mod, then just download the modification! She does not just provide you with an unlimited amount of money for all purchases, but also simply unlocks the things you need to successfully complete each level in the cracking of the Beholder hack! Play without limits!


Beholder mod is a well-told story that will take you to a cruel world where nothing is hidden from the state. Become a loyal assistant to the authorities and help them calculate as many offenders as possible so that no one can threaten the established order!

Download Beholder hack you can absolutely free! At the same time, this is not a demo version, but a full-fledged copy of the original with all its features and capabilities. Bored to play? Try a modification that will remove all restrictions in the game!

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