Benji Bananas Mod (Infinite Bananas) + Apk for Android

Benji Bananas mod apk is a simple love story where a monkey wants to win the heart of his beloved with various actions and gifts. But all you need to save bananas, which are the local game currency. That is why Benji wants you to help him achieve all his goals, going with him on an amazing adventure through the jungle and other amazing and unforgettable locations!

Gameplay Benji Bananas mod apk

Benji Bananas mod is an arcade game where you need to help Benji jump on the screen to help him jump from one creeper to another. At the same time, depending on the speed of swinging, the length of the monkey’s flight also changes. Calculate the jump trajectory to successfully overcome all the way! Also, you expect various traps along the way, so try to avoid them if you do not want to harm the monkey and knock yourself all the progress of the passage.

In Benji Bananas hack there are a variety of bonuses, thanks to which you can simplify your task of collecting bananas. Use them wisely, as they rarely will be in your way, and you need to apply them immediately after selection! You can improve them all for the same bananas that you will collect.

Features hacking Benji Bananas mod apk

If you do not want to suffer with the collection of bananas, then just download the modification for Benji Bananas mod. With it, you will never have problems with the local currency, as you just immediately get an endless supply of bananas for various purchases. But it will still be necessary to carry out missions in Benji Bananas hack.


Benji Bananas mod – an interesting and very simple arcade game in which you will have fun and exciting time. Help the monkey Benji to overcome all difficulties and win the heart of his beloved, passing a huge number of levels!

Download completely free Benji Bananas hack to your mobile device. Just follow the links and download the version of the game that suits you best. Free you can download both the original version and modification!

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