Big Hunter Mod (Unlocked) + Apk for Android

Big Hunter mod apk is a primitive hunt for wild animals, or rather the opportunity to hunt them. Many thought about how to get into the past. With this game, you really can feel like a real savage. You are transported a couple of million years ago and can hunt for already extinct animals. From one words already captures the spirit, it remains only to try.

Gameplay Big Hunter mod apk

More recently, a tribe in the Big Hunter mod game was hacked by a single vegetation, but one of their residents brought a piece of meat to the village. The leader liked the taste of this product and now the inhabitants of the village without him cannot imagine their life. Every day one person goes on the hunt and becomes a fight with wildlife. As you know, previously, most animals were several times larger than humans, so killing prey would not be an easy task.

In the Big Hunter hack, you will have only three types of weapons, and there are many more types of animals. Every time you will be able to choose an animal to hunt and the type of weapon. You can take spears, at the tips of which will be a deadly poison. Also in the presence of you will be sharp as blade axes and boomerangs. Remember that from one time you will not kill an animal. Once you have made one hit, immediately apply the second.

Features hacking Big Hunter mod apk

The main feature of the game Big Hunter mod is its primitiveness. Management and graphics are top notch, they are simple. Do not think that the simpler the game, the less it is interesting. You just try to play Big Hunter hack and will not be able to come off. Here you will not fight for your lunch, but for your life. Either you kill the animal, or it is you.


The game Big Hunter mod will not attract you with its bright picture and good description, you only need to try here. With this game you can not only see how primitive people were hunted, but also become a part of this event. You will enjoy an exciting pastime, do not deny yourself.

To pick up a primitive weapon, just install the Big Hunter hack game. To do this, on a modern gadget, click on the install button and you can already choose your prey. So with the help of modern technology, you can go into the past.

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