Bigfoot Monster Hunter Mod (Unlimited Equipment) + Apk for Android

Bigfoot Monster Hunter mod apk is a very interesting and unusual action game with elements of horror and survival, where you will find yourself among deaf forest surrounded by trees and various wild animals. But not the last will frighten you in this gloomy night. Something more terrible has gone out on the hunt and is already ready to find you and kill you! Try to live until dawn, hiding from the most real Bigfoot, which is able to kill you in seconds!

Gameplay Bigfoot Monster Hunter mod apk

The essence of the game in Bigfoot Monster Hunter mod is to hide from the monster, avoiding encounters with it and traveling around a huge location. To survive, you need to constantly look for supplies, and even better – weapons, which are unlikely to be able to greatly harm a monster, but can at least temporarily disable it! So explore every corner in search of salvation from a deadly fate.

In the case of Bigfoot Monster Hunter hack, you will be able to explore the impressive three-dimensional world, which includes a forest and various buildings where supplies can still be stored. Your task is to find as many supplies as you can that can really save your life.

Features hacking Bigfoot Monster Hunter mod apk

Get just an infinite amount of different equipment with a special modification for Bigfoot Monster Hunter mod. It will help you simplify the game and make the escape from the monster easier. But still, you will not be immortal in breaking into Bigfoot Monster Hunter hack even with a modification, so beware of Bigfoot!


Bigfoot Monster Hunter mod breaking is a great way to tickle your nerves by playing an exciting, but rather frightening horror. Try to escape from the monster and achieve all your goals before he reaches and kills you!

Download Bigfoot Monster Hunter hack is not difficult. Just follow the link and start downloading your copy of the game for free. In addition to the original, you can also use a modification that will simplify the gameplay and make it more dynamic!

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