Blackies Mod (Miscellaneous) + Apk for Android

Blackies mod apk is a simple puzzle at first glance, but with a lot of sense. The essence of each level is to collect all the pieces in one place. However, it is not so easy to do, because it is necessary not only to collect them all in one place, but also to do this, jumping over each one single figure, which will collect them in the process of moving. In general, it sounds pretty tricky, but if you play – it will be easy to understand.

Gameplay Blackies mod apk

Blackies mod offers you a series of unusual puzzles where you have the opportunity to demonstrate your attentiveness and ingenuity. Your goal is to move the black pieces that jump over one square. If there is the same figure on the cage between the jumps, then it disappears. In general, this way you need not just get rid of all the figures, except one, but also move it to the specified position. It is important to note that the figures can move only if there is the same figure between the cells and the final cell is empty!

It sounds difficult, but in practice it’s quite easy to play the game. And it will be even easier if you use Blackies hack, which adds a lot of different things to the game, like gambling coins, lives and much more. Especially endless tips will help you.

Features of Blackies mod apk

Blackies mod will please you with its unusual and bright soundtrack. The puzzle here really stands out against the background of other similar games, so you probably will discover something new. Graphics in Blackies hack, although not very special, but it is very nice looking and has a high resolution.

The result

If you were looking for some new unusual puzzle, then it’s worth taking a look at Blackies mod. Here you will find more than a dozen amazing levels that will make you thoroughly “break” your head over the solution of another problem.

The full version of the game, both with modification, and without, you can download completely free. In Blackies hack you will not be limited by anything, because before you a full version of the game with all levels and innovations.

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