Blicke Mod + Apk for Android

Blicke mod apk – a game that will attract the attention of these clever people. After all, here to win, you have to very well strain your brains. In this game you have to think through every step if you want to achieve the desired goal. Do not rush to make a decision and click on all the buttons in a row, it is better to initially route in your head.

Gameplay Blicke mod apk

In the game Blicke mod you have to perform tasks that require not only a lot of attention, but also patience. Here you will need to move cubes from one place to another. You will need to make a route and of course follow it. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. To move objects you will be available only a few cells.

In Blicke hack you will not suffer over the choice of character, because here you will do everything from the first person. In fact, you will have one task – to deliver the cubes to the point you need. But you will do this in different ways, as each level will prepare you for different platforms. Do not hurry and think about every step, no one will rush you.

Features hacking Blicke mod apk

The game Blicke mod is considered perfect and for this reason it does not need any special features. Here you can perfectly pump your brain and earn points at the same time. You will need them to raise your position in the rating table. The reward you will receive for each completed level in the breaking of Blicke hack, so try. In case of defeat, try your strength again.


Blicke mod is an addictive game that will require good thinking from you. Try to use as few cells as possible to deliver the cube to the platform with its color. Also, together with friends, you can arrange mind games, it remains only to invite them into the game. With each level, the complexity will increase, but if you make an effort, then you all must succeed.

Download the game Blicke hack is very simple, it does not take a lot of effort and time. Just take a mobile device or any convenient gadget for you and click on the install button. Launch and enjoy the game!

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