Block Story Premium FULL Mod (Gems) + Apk for Android

Block Story Premium FULL mod apk is another Minecraft clone in which you are once again waiting for survival in a three-dimensional pixel world. Actually, there is nothing new here – get resources, build houses, create weapons and fight various monsters. In the end, you will need to destroy the fearsome dragon to complete the storyline and further development in the game world!

Gameplay Block Story Premium FULL mod apk

In Block Story Premium FULL mod, everything is exactly the same as in Minecraft. You appear without any resources and you will need to start mining all your own things. Start with a tree, then get acquainted with the crafting system, thanks to which you will create all sorts of things in the virtual world of the game. You are waiting for an unforgettable adventure, which, however, should be thoroughly prepared.

Breaking into Block Story Premium FULL hack you will be given a whole huge world that you can explore without limits. However, do not forget about the various dangers that may lie in wait for you at night or in particularly dark dungeons. Therefore, do not forget that in addition to the construction of houses, you also need to create weapons!

Features hacking Block Story Premium FULL mod apk

Modification for Block Story Premium FULL mod will give you as many gems as you can’t imagine. Thanks to this game currency, you can always buy the necessary things for survival, as well as open additional paid gaming opportunities in Block Story Premium FULL hack.


Block Story Premium FULL mod is an interesting copy of a popular game that offers you at least the same gameplay, but still with some improvements. Take full advantage of this game to get the most out of an incredible adventure.

To get acquainted with the breaking of Block Story Premium FULL hack, you just need to follow the links and download all the installation files of both the original game and the modification. Then just install the game on your mobile device and enjoy the free gameplay!

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