Block Strike Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Block Strike mod apk is a pixel-based 3D online shooter that offers you only dynamic skirmishes against numerous enemies. Fight with other players on colorful cards and try to survive to pick up your reward at the end of the battle. It’s time to charge your weapon and go into the arena to prove your superiority over other players in an equal fight. Well, ready to prove that you are the best?

Gameplay Block Strike mod apk

In Block Strike mod gameplay is a classic online first-person shooter where you can compete with other players and show them your superiority. Here it is important to simply destroy opponents and pass the levels, so be quick and accurate if you really want to win. The game has a huge variety in the cards, so for each of them will have to come up with their own winning tactics.

Even in the breaking of Block Strike hack there is an impressive arsenal of all kinds of weapons. But in order to open particularly strong samples, it is necessary to win and accumulate rewards, for which you can then purchase everything you need for simple victories in the game.

Features hacking Block Strike mod apk

Block Strike mod has a fairly powerful modification, which will greatly facilitate for you the process of passing the game. It contains various bonuses, with the help of which you can easily and easily defeat opponents at all levels Block Strike hack, regardless of the skill and strength of your weaponry!


Block Strike mod offers you a very dynamic exchange of fire between players, where you can even call your friends on the team and try to defeat your enemies together. Playing with the players is much more fun than shooting bots alone! So train, hone your skills, and you will definitely become the best player!

Download Block Strike hack in general is not difficult. Just follow the links and download the full version of the game on your mobile device. Then just install the game and enjoy dynamic shootouts!

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