Brick Breaker Lab Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Brick Breaker Lab mod apk is a fun and very simple arcade game where you just need to destroy various objects on the levels with the help of a platform and a ball that will bounce off this platform and hit objects, destroying them when touched. Get ready to go through more than a dozen of such levels, where each time not only the number of objects, but also the complexity of their destruction will grow!

Gameplay Brick Breaker Lab mod apk

In Brick Breaker Lab mod is practically no big deal. You only need to move the platform to beat the flying ball, which tends to fall into the abyss located under the platform. But even this is not enough to win. You must correctly correct the rebound of the ball so that it can hit various objects on the level and destroy them. After all, the only way to win and go to the next stage!

The further the level in the game is, the more difficult it will be to pass! This is also true for Brick Breaker Lab hack, because gradually the game will only become more complicated here. So, difficulties and trials will surely occur as the game progresses; there is no way to escape from this. But all difficulties can be overcome with your skills!

Features hacking Brick Breaker Lab mod apk

Modification for Brick Breaker Lab mod provides you just an unlimited amount of play money! Why do you need it? And then, to get strong bonuses right from the very beginning of the passing game, which makes it easy and simple to pass even the most difficult levels in the Brick Breaker Lab hack!


Brick Breaker Lab mod is an interesting arcade game that will appeal to fans of all arcade games with classic gameplay. It is important to have patience here, because it is patience that will help you overcome all difficulties in the game. And do not forget about the banal care!

To download Brick Breaker Lab hack to your mobile device, you just need to follow the links and download the full version of the game, which is an exact copy of the original. For a simpler gameplay, use a modification!

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