Brickscape Mod (Tips) + Apk for Android

Get ready for one of the most difficult challenges in your life! Brickscape mod apk is a new look at the old puzzle, where your task was to move elements to free positions in order to release the target element and move it to the desired position. Now, the complexity has increased many times, and to be more precise, then twice, because the playing field is now fully three-dimensional, and accordingly it will be necessary to move elements in all three planes!

Gameplay Brickscape mod apk

As you already understood, Brickscape mod will be very difficult to play. After all, if you used to move objects in two planes and immediately saw the solution, now you will need to turn the playing field in different directions to see each element and only then build possible solutions. Naturally, it will be difficult to immediately understand the game, but the developers here have spared you, and the first levels look more like training than serious tests.

By the way, it is not enough just to bring the necessary element out of the level. In Brickscape hack for maximum results you need to cope for a limited number of movements of the remaining elements. So if you want to set a new record in this game, then you need to look for the shortest path!

Features hacking Brickscape mod apk

Brickscape mod is a puzzle game. And this means that only one modification is appropriate here, which gives you a huge amount of free tips. They are sure to come in handy for you, as there are more than seven hundred different puzzles in the Brickscape hack, and some of them are almost impossible to complete without prompts!

The result

Brickscape mod is an entertaining but very difficult game that will require you to have powerful logical thinking and developed imagination. Try to overcome all the levels to the maximum result to make your name in the world table of records!

More than seven hundred puzzles you will be available without any restrictions. Just follow the link and download Brickscape hack to your mobile device for free and enjoy the passage!

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