Bridge Constructor Portal Mod (Paid version, no ads) + Apk for Android

Bridge Constructor Portal mod apk is a fun continuation of an interesting building puzzle that invites you to go back into the universe of Portal, where you will build bridges again, but this time the task will become harder and more exciting! After all, you will have a deal not only with bridges, but also with portals, with the help of which you will create all the roads where the loaders will pass.

Gameplay Bridge Constructor Portal mod apk

The goal of the game in Bridge Constructor Portal mod has not changed in comparison with the original. You also at each level will have to solve various problems with the passage of vehicles, building bridges over obstacles. The only difficulty is that you usually have a very limited set of materials, which makes you think about the next building, and not just make roads directly to your destination.

During the Bridge Constructor Portal hack, new difficulties were added, already connected with the setting of Portal. Throughout the game you will be dealing with portals, through which you also need to skip loaders, which will force you to think about how best to place these portals and roads!

Features hacking Bridge Constructor Portal mod apk

The whole modification feature for Bridge Constructor Portal mod is that you can get all paid content for free, including new levels, as well as all ads will be disabled. So for a more complete gameplay, it is advisable to download just the modified Bridge Constructor Portal hack!


Bridge Constructor Portal mod is a fun puzzle game where you will be dealing not only with bridges, but also with portals. Find the most non-standard solutions and try to do everything so that the loaders do not crash and successfully reach your destination!

To download the Bridge Constructor Portal hack to your mobile device, you just need to follow the links and download the full version of the game with all additions and updates. Then just enjoy the cool gameplay for free and without restrictions!

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