Bus Rush Mod + Apk for Android

Bus Rush mod apk is a fun clone of Subway Surfers, which offers you exactly the same gameplay, but now you will run among the buses on a busy highway trying to escape from a mad monkey that has escaped to freedom! It sounds very delusional, but just such a string of the adventure that awaits you in the game. Collect coins and try not to get under the car, running away from the infuriated primate!

Gameplay Bus Rush mod apk

In Bus Rush mod is very simple. You need to constantly run, jumping or overtaking all the obstacles in your path. One has only to face some difficulty, and you will immediately overtake an angry monkey. Try to pick up coins along the way, which during the level will not be useful to you, but after an unsuccessful attempt you can always return to the menu and purchase various bonuses and boosts for your character!

On your way into the Bus Rush hack, there will be various bonuses that you can use to increase your points or quickly overcome all the dangers in your path. The points in this game are an important part. It is their number, or to be more precise, the record for the collection is your indicator in the local ranking!

Features hacking Bus Rush mod apk

Bus Rush mod does not have any features or modifications. You just have the opportunity to download the game for free and enjoy the gameplay without restrictions. But everything else in the game you will pursue solely on your own, collecting coins and accumulating an account in breaking into Bus Rush hack in an honest way!


Bus Rush mod is a fun arcade game that will entertain you for a very long time. It’s very simple – the levels are endless! This means that the ultimate goal here can not be, you can finish the passage at will, or as soon as you encounter an obstacle and lose.

You can always download Bus Rush hack to your mobile device and play without restrictions! Just follow the links and download the full game to play for free anywhere and anytime!

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