Call of Duty Heroes Mod (No damage) + Apk for Android

Famous game series of shooters finally visited and mobile devices! But, in a very strange and unusual form. After all, Call of Duty Heroes mod apk is not a shooter, it’s a multiplayer strategy game, the action of which will take place in the same universe as the main game series. Transfer to the near future and lead one of the forces that want to capture the whole world and establish its own order in it.

Gameplay Call of Duty Heroes mod apk

In Call of Duty Heroes mod is a fairly standard gameplay that boils down to building your own unique military base, which will bring you resources and troops. Well, then, everything as usual – develop, hire troops, fight with other players and just do the tasks to get additional rewards. Also, you can team up with other players to achieve much more than if you acted alone.

What’s in Call of Duty Heroes hack left of the legendary game series? Try the system of heroes! This includes almost all the main characters of the saga, which can strongly influence the outcome of the battle and can be used where the situation is hopeless. Use this system wisely to not just get out of the bout with the winner, but also keep the hero intact.

Features of hacking Call of Duty Heroes mod apk

Despite the fact that Call of Duty Heroes mod is a multiplayer game, all the same there is one modification that can simplify your gameplay. It makes your troops invulnerable, simply removing any damage that is inflicted on them. This makes Call of Duty Heroes hack rather easy game, than in the original!

The result

Call of Duty Heroes mod is not a full-fledged part, it’s not even a shooter, but it’s still quite a good game, which has a right to exist. Manage entire armies and call on your side the best heroes to win.

Well, as always, for downloading a Call of Duty Heroes hack you will not pay anything. Just click on the link and download the game enough to enjoy the full gameplay without limits on your mobile device!

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