Calming Lia Mod (Gold, Diamonds) + Apk for Android

Calming Lia mod apk is a game in which you can become a keeper of dreams. The little girl is tormented by nightmares, and she already that night can not sleep. The school will not understand what’s the matter, because the child is afraid to tell the real reason. Parents decided to give their daughter a teddy bear, in the hope that he would help her sleep. They were not mistaken with a gift, because now their child will sleep well.

Gameplay Calming Lia mod apk

Calming Lia mod offers you to become the favorite toy of a little girl. But you should be her not only the best friend, but also a good defender. After all, you will have to protect the little girl from nightmares. In the light, you will be a little teddy bear, but as soon as the sun sets below the horizon you will have to become a great protector.

In order to defeat evil forces, in breaking Calming Lia hack you must follow the rules that the game provides. The playing field will be presented in the form of a canvas with multi-colored elements. Every step you take is a blow to the monster. It is necessary to combine several elements of the same color in one row. Then they will disappear and the enemy will take a hit. Try to combine as many elements at a time as possible to easily defeat the enemy.

Features hacking Calming Lia mod apk

A special feature of the game Calming Lia mod is a huge amount of money. You can spend them on tips and on bonuses that will help you get a victory. With each level, playing in the Calming Lia hack will become more difficult, but you should try and you will succeed.

The result

Calming Lia mod is an excellent option for entertainment. If you are looking for something to occupy yourself in the evening, then this is a suitable option. You will play this game without tension, as you have several lives. At any time, you can pause the application and go and drink tea, and then return to it again.

Downloading Calming Lia hack is easy. It is enough to have a gadget with a touch screen and the presence of the Internet. The game is absolutely free, so you should have no doubts whether you need it. Just press one button to install and you can protect the young lady from nightmares.

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