Candleman Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Candleman mod apk is an incredibly beautiful and atmospheric three-dimensional arcade game where you can discover a whole wonderful world that simply fascinates with what you have to go through. Help the candle to go through a long way by finding other candles and setting them on fire so that they can light up the way for you. You will also encounter numerous traps that are best avoided in order to be able to reach the very end!

Gameplay Candleman mod apk

In Candleman mod only requires you to control a candle that can navigate through various levels. Your task is to find and set fire to all the candles in your path, but this will not be so easy. After all, every now and then you will be prevented from completing the task, starting from small obstacles and ending with ingenious moving traps that must be overcome in order to pass on!

In general, Candleman hack does not require any special skills from you. You just need to be careful and act quickly, as some obstacles force you to make quick decisions. Difficulty will constantly grow, but you will learn new and new skills during the game!

Features hacking Candleman mod apk

Candleman mod does not have any difficulties in the gameplay, so you will not need to download any modifications that would simplify the gameplay. Nevertheless, a feature Candleman hack has. You can play a full-fledged game without limitations and go through all stages for free!


If you still play Candleman mod, you will get a lot of different emotions during the passing game. Start your endless journey and try to complete all the levels to get the most out of the beauty of the game world and incredibly realistic graphics.

Download crackle Candleman hack you can absolutely free and without restrictions, if you click on the links and download the game to your mobile device. All levels will be available to you, as in the original, moreover, you will not have to pay for them! Play and enjoy!

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