Carnivores: Ice Age Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Carnivores: Ice Age mod apk is a very unusual hunting simulator that takes you far in the past. You will find yourself in a world that is still under an ice age. And this means that you will be confronted by the most ferocious predators of the time, compared with which modern pets look like. How long can you stay in this nightmare and how many trophies will you take with you?

Gameplay Carnivores: Ice Age mod apk

In Carnivores: Ice Age mod is a fairly common gameplay for the genre, which is more an arcade game than a serious simulator. Your only task in the game will be to kill the various animals that inhabit this wild world. The difficulty is not even in the fact that the animals represented are very ferocious and lived in the ice age, namely, in the period itself, where everything is covered with snow. This makes your journey through the game world more difficult.

In Carnivores: Ice Age hack, you will need to kill animals, then to collect a complete collection of trophies. In addition, this is the only way to make money in this game, then to spend money and get access to more advanced equipment and weapons.

Features hacking Carnivores: Ice Age mod apk

Alas, but in Carnivores: Ice Age mod, you will have to achieve everything yourself. There are no simplifications in the form of special modifications, only a harsh wild world in which you will fight for life and hunt the fierce animals. So just enjoy the dynamic gameplay in Carnivores: Ice Age hack!


Carnivores: Ice Age mod is an interesting game! Although it does not shine with high-quality graphics and animation, it still gives you quite well the severity of the wild period in which you find yourself. Meet face to face with the most terrible creatures and defeat them!

Hunting in the world of Carnivores: Ice Age hack, nothing prevents you. After all, the site offers you a full version of the game, which you can easily download absolutely free of charge. It remains only to click on the link and download the game to your mobile device to start playing!

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