Celestine Mod (Life, Plutonium) + Apk for Android

Celestine mod apk is a fantastic arcade game that will take you to a fictional world where you need to help the game character overcome all difficulties by moving through confusing levels on a jetpack. But that’s not all, because you will be very limited in resources and time! So you just need to pick up various bonuses on your way, then to use them and continue your journey!

Gameplay Celestine mod apk

In Celestine mod is a very simple gameplay. You just need to move the virtual joystick, which is responsible for the movement of the character on the game level. Your task is to overcome all obstacles, at the same time collecting various bonuses in a timely manner, which will replenish the charge of your knapsack or increase the number of seconds you are given to complete the level. Please note that time is very short, so you should hurry!

In cracking Celestine hack, the levels will only get more complicated and confusing over time. To overcome them all, you will need a lot of patience and maximum attentiveness. After all, if you just get stuck somewhere along the way, then you will most likely have to start the current stage again!

Features hacking Celestine mod apk

With the help of a wonderful modification for Celestine mod, you can get an unlimited number of lives and plutonium in order not to have any restrictions in the game process at all. After all, it is much more interesting to play in the Celestine hack, if you do not need to wait for the accumulation of lives for another attempt to pass!


Celestine mod is not an easy game. But once you understand all the intricacies of management, then you can easily overcome even the most difficult levels in your path. Enjoy the gameplay without restrictions with the help of modifications!

After all, to download Celestine hack to your mobile device, you just need to use the links that lead to downloading both the full version of the game, and modifications for it. In any case, you will enjoy the full-fledged gameplay for free!

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