Charlie The Roach Mod + Apk for Android

Charlie The Roach mod apk is a fun two-dimensional platformer in which you will help an old cockroach named Charlie in all his adventures in the underworld. Start your journey in an amazing world with an acquaintance with the main character, and then manage him so that he can calmly overcome all the difficulties and collect the pieces of crackers that he needs for further survival. Help the cockroach survive in this dangerous world!

Gameplay Charlie The Roach mod apk

In Charlie The Roach mod, you will control the main character, moving him in different directions along the game level. You just need to overcome all the traps and obstacles, simultaneously collecting pieces of food to reach the final. Move through rather difficult levels to achieve your goal! Well, along the way you will enjoy some pretty serious trials.

Breaking into Charlie The Roach hack, the game consists of a series of levels, where the main thing is to collect all the objects and reach the end. Gradually, the complexity and confusion of the levels will only grow, which will force you to always look for some workarounds so as not to fall into another trap and successfully complete the task.

Features hacking Charlie The Roach mod apk

For Charlie The Roach mod has no special modifications, but then you will always enjoy all the levels in the correct sequence. Before you is a full-fledged version of the game with all the features and capabilities, so that you can go completely and completely into the Charlie The Roach hack!


Charlie The Roach mod is an interesting game that all lovers of simple platformers will surely like. There are no special difficulties, but there is a simple and clear gameplay, as well as a lot of non-standard humor!

To start playing in the Charlie The Roach hack, you just need to download the necessary files to your mobile device, and then install the game itself. Start, play, pass the levels and enjoy the full-fledged gameplay, which will be available to you without restrictions and completely free of charge!

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