Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) mod apk – this is an opportunity to travel back to the amazing, but dark medieval world that reliably keeps its own secrets from prying eyes. Go through an amazing story where you will meet intricate puzzles and very unusual characters with whom you will have to interact in every possible way to solve the main riddle of the game and successfully find a solution for the situation!

Gameplay Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) mod apk

In Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) mod, the gameplay is fairly simple to understand, so any player can figure it out without any problems. You need to search for various objects and solve puzzles in colorful two-dimensional locations. Each location has its own details and features, so you have to carefully examine all the objects in the room to find the things you need to solve the puzzle.

In Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) hack you will need to complete all the tasks in order to reach the final. Each task requires you to perform a certain sequence of actions, which may lead you to another riddle that will need to be solved for further progress in the plot.

Features hacking Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) mod apk

Since in Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) mod is nothing complicated, you do not need any modifications for a full game. And in general the main feature of Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) hack is that you immediately get the full version of the game, which you can play without restrictions!


Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) mod gives you a great opportunity to shine your erudition, because to solve all the puzzles in this game will not be so easy. If you like tangled stories, the dark world of the Middle Ages and dozens of challenging puzzles, then do not pass by this game!

Moreover, downloading it to your mobile device is easy. The links are available not only full Chimeras: Prophecy (Full) hack, but also the current version of the game, so you can enjoy the story without limits and for free.

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