City Miner: Mineral war Mod (Infinite money) + Apk for Android

City Miner: Mineral war mod apk – game for mining. It’s no secret that sooner or later the Earth’s resources will be exhausted. Consequently, people will start to fight among themselves for the last piece of mineral. Your task is to prevent this bloodshed for resources. Right now you go in search of them. You need to find minerals that can be used many times.

Gameplay City Miner: Mineral war mod apk

City Miner: Mineral war mod sends you on a world tour with one goal – to find a replacement for resources that can be used several times. The path will be long and not easy. You are not alone who wants to become a hero, there are a lot of such candidates. Try to do everything as quickly as possible, then you can definitely stand out in the lead. You will not get the resources with your bare hands, but with the help of special equipment.

Mining fossils in the City Miner: Mineral war hack, you will pass them to the test. Your work will always be paid and this earnings you can spend on your character. You can improve it, thereby making it more versatile. For example, he will not split stones for five times, but for two. You can also increase its speed, which will play a significant role.

Features hacking City Miner: Mineral war mod apk

The main feature of City Miner: Mineral war mod is an unlimited number of purchases. You can buy any equipment that you consider necessary. In City Miner: Mineral war hack you give everything to escape from the battle for resources. Many experiments are being conducted, but so far unsuccessfully. Try not to let the guide down.

The result

City Miner: Mineral war mod is suitable for people who love to constantly search for something. If you like to dig, mine, then this game is for you. Now you do not need to find a way to satisfy your interest, because you have already found this game.

Download City Miner: Mineral war hack is completely free. Just take any gadget and install the game on it. After a couple of minutes, you can find yourself in an uncharted world and start searching. Try to push as much as possible on various items, perhaps in them and is what you came for.

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