Codex of Victory Mod (Endless Money, Resources) + Data + Apk for Android

Codex of Victory mod apk – is an interesting turn-based strategy game that takes you into the world of a fantastic future, where feudalism and high technology are united. Choose your side in an epic conflict and bring it to the end in your favor by playing dozens of missions on which it is important to demonstrate your attentiveness and ability to correctly manage your troops in order to capture points and defeat enemies!

Gameplay Codex of Victory mod apk

In Codex of Victory mod is a fairly ordinary gameplay for games of its genre. The entire game level is divided into cells, in which your troops will move step by step. In addition, you can place various buildings that will help collect resources and build new combat units. At each level you will have your own task, but the meaning of each victory is to completely destroy the enemy!

There are a lot of different levels in the breaking of the Codex of Victory hack, where the difficulty will change as you progress to the final of the story. In addition to missions, you will also be engaged in the construction of a base, where with each development new features and types of troops will be opened up for further missions!

Features hacking Codex of Victory mod apk

With the help of modifications for the Codex of Victory mod, you can get just an unlimited amount of money and resources. They allow you to constantly build troops and get strong bonuses that will help you quickly go through all the missions and defeat all opponents in the breaking of the Codex of Victory hack.


Codex of Victory mod an interesting game, catching not only the elaboration of troops, but also beautiful three-dimensional graphics, which will try to squeeze the most out of your mobile device. Discover the fantastic world and go through all the difficulties!

You can download the Codex of Victory hack for free just by using links for this. On them you will get access to a full-fledged game, which has a rather interesting modification that can greatly facilitate the gameplay for you!

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