Color Switch Mod (Stars, everything is open, no ads) + Apk for Android

Color Switch mod apk is a very interesting arcade action puzzle game, where you will have only one single goal – to score a lot of points. The more points, the better it will be, because in this way you can even get the championship and set a new world record! And on the one hand it will be easy to earn points, but on the other it is difficult. After all, you need to carefully monitor the colors! So be vigilant so that everything will work out for you.

Gameplay Color Switch mod apk

In the Color Switch mod is very easy to master, which cannot be said about earning points. Your task is to pass as many obstacles as possible by controlling a colored ball. The difficulty here is that you need to observe the color of the obstacle so that the ball can pass through it without any problems. The color of the ball and the color of the obstacles must be the same! So keep this in mind to easily go through all the difficulties.

In Color Switch hack there are no levels as such. You just need to go through an endless obstacle course, where these same obstacles will become more and more difficult over time, giving you additional challenges that you need to overcome in order to earn maximum points!

Features hacking Color Switch mod apk

With the help of the modification for Color Switch mod, you can get not only the stars, but in general open all the gaming features that were previously blocked one way or another. Also, the Color Switch hack will completely lose any advertising so that it does not bother you to enjoy the gameplay.


In Color Switch mod you will have access to excellent tests, during which you will not only enjoy each obstacle you pass, but you will also be able to enjoy the game process itself without any restrictions.

Playing the Color Switch hack is not easy, but downloading a game is another thing! Just follow the free links and download not only the full original version, but also a modification for it, which will help you get access to everything that is in the game!

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