Contre Jour Mod + Apk for Android

Contre Jour mod apk is a very unusual puzzle game that will immerse you in the black and white world. A world where you can do anything, as long as a fantastic creature could reach the mysterious portals that are scattered in its path. Influence directly the whole environment to successfully complete the task and help the creature to overcome all sorts of difficulties. It will be very difficult to complete all levels, but if you want to show off your logical skills, then you will not find a better game for this!

Gameplay Contre Jour mod apk

As already mentioned, in Contre Jour mod, the whole process of the game is concentrated in puzzle levels. Your task is to help the creature reach the portal. To do this, you will have to manage not him, but his surroundings! Move with the help of movements with your fingers various objects, change the very construction of the level and do everything necessary so that the main character confidently moves towards his goal.

In Contre Jour hack, the levels are quite challenging. They will make you think not only logically, but also creatively, so that you can find the most non-standard solution and successfully use it to pass any difficult level.

Features hacking Contre Jour mod apk

In Contre Jour mod, a full-fledged gameplay with all the levels that have just been released at the moment will be available to you. In addition, nothing will limit you in time, so just play and enjoy the solution of numerous unusual puzzles in Contre Jour hack!


Contre Jour mod is a fantastic game that will plunge you into the world of illusions and fantasies. There will be serious tests for which you need to prepare well. Fortunately for this there are dozens of simple levels that will easily get you up to date so that you can immediately proceed to the passing of the game as a whole.

Downloading Contre Jour hack is very easy. Follow the links and download only the current version of the game to enjoy all levels anywhere and anytime. Just download the desired file and install the game, you do not need to do anything else!

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