Cookie Cats Mod (Coins, Lives, Boosters) + Apk for Android

Cookie Cats mod apk – it’s a simple, but very nice game about kittens, which need to be fed with all sorts of sweets, including excellent cookies. You will do this with the help of fascinating puzzles “three in a row”, which are very fun and interesting to solve. Over many levels, you will imbue with the amazing atmosphere of fairy-tale that reigns in the game, and also fold not one hundred puzzles. In general, plunge into this wonderful world and help the cute kittens!

Gameplay Cookie Cats mod apk

The process of playing Cookies Cats mod is to solve numerous puzzles. Each level is a “three in a row” puzzle for a specific purpose – to collect a certain number of identical elements, destroying them on the playing field. Swap adjacent elements to compose different combinations to remove elements!

Cookies Cats hack simplifies the game, adding an infinite number of game coins, lives and simply revealing everything that only is in this game. So do not worry about any restrictions, they will not be here!

Features Cookie Cats mod apk

Cookie Cats mod will please with a unique cartoon atmosphere, as well as beautiful painting with cute kittens. Nice soundtrack and beautiful two-dimensional graphics makes the cracking of Cookies Cats hack a terrific game in technical terms!

The result

Cookies Cats mod will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. In the game you will find really interesting and fascinating puzzles, which with each level become more and more difficult and complicated. Enjoy the gorgeous gameplay without any limitations! This is a great entertainment for the whole family, which will brighten up more than one evening.

Download Cookies Cats hack you can absolutely free at any time! Simply download the necessary files to your mobile device and enjoy the game. In addition to the full original version, there is also a modified game that adds a lot of cool things, like endless coins and lives, and unlocks all the gaming opportunities.

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