Cookie Jam Blast Mod (Endless Coins / Lives) + Apk for Android

In Cookie Jam Blast mod apk you are waiting for fascinating puzzles “three in a row” and many levels where you will have to apply all your talents and logic to successfully overcome puzzles and reach the finish line. Prepare for a long but hilarious adventure in a completely new colorful world, where an atmosphere of fun and joy reigns. To solve outstanding problems is your goal in this game. So be careful and you will succeed!

Gameplay Cookie Jam Blast mod apk

Cookie Jam Blast mod is a typical puzzle game with many puzzles. All levels are built on a “three in a row” puzzle, so that you will not get used to it in the game. Just swap adjacent elements to make up the combinations of the same elements and earn for it the points required for a successful passage. It is best to collect large combinations that allow you to receive various bonuses and amplifications that will help you in the process of passing.

Cookie Jam Blast hack gives you an infinite number of coins and lives, so that you do not deny yourself anything during the game process and enjoy a continuous passage without any restrictions!

Features Cookie Jam Blast mod apk

About Cookie Jam Blast mod, there’s really nothing to crack. This is a typical puzzle, so it will not be difficult to master it, especially if you’ve already played three-in-a-row games before. There are also various boosts and bonuses that help to pass particularly complex areas.

The graphics and sound in Cookie Jam Blast hack are very bright and colorful. So the child will be just delighted with the riot of colors in this game. It is not surprising, since the game is primarily focused on the children’s audience.

The result

However, Cookie Jam Blast mod is an excellent game in its genre. Puzzles are really diverse, and some of them are extremely complex, which allows the game to challenge not only the child, but also an adult who easily solves such puzzles. You can download Cookie Jam Blast hack completely free of charge, and in exchange you will get a lot of game currency and lives, which will simplify the gameplay.

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