COOKING DASH Mod (Gold, Coins) + Apk for Android

COOKING DASH mod apk – this is another opportunity to participate in a crazy race over time, taking control of the whole restaurant, where you have the honor to be the chief chef. What does this mean in the context of this game? It’s very simple, you need to make sure that the dishes are prepared and served on time, before the client changes his mind about dining with you. Get ready, it will be very hot in all senses, because you need to act quickly!

Gameplay COOKING DASH mod apk

COOKING DASH mod is a representative of the genre of “time management”, which means that you need to quickly mix different ingredients and prepare a variety of dishes that you will order. Naturally, in such games, time is your main enemy, so try to do everything as quickly as possible to earn extra money and rewards!

In breaking COOKING DASH hack there is an opportunity to improve various kitchen appliances. This will allow you to cook even faster, because the food can fit in extra places, and the quality of the ingredients will only increase! In general, it will be useful to spend the accumulated coins for the upgrade of the kitchen.

Features of hacking COOKING DASH mod apk

In COOKING DASH mod there are only two game currencies – coins and gold. Both are used to purchase bonuses and improvements. Want all the bonuses right away? Then download the modification for a huge amount of game currency, which you can get for free with the COOKING DASH hack!

The result

COOKING DASH mod is a very simple casual game with its own plot and interesting gameplay, which consists in the rapid preparation of a variety of dishes that must be served to customers.

Download unlimited free COOKING DASH hack to your mobile device. The game will be available for free for all supported smartphones or tablets. The main thing is the possibility to download absolutely free as an original game with all bonuses and levels, and a modification that will give you a huge amount of game coins and gold. What else to say, play for fun as much as you want!

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