Cooking Fever Mod (Infinite Money Coins) + Apk for Android

Cooking Fever mod apk – a chain of restaurants that falls under your possession. You can pinch yourself a thousand times, but you are the owner of large restaurants. Now you need to not only monitor, but also manage the buildings. You will gradually move to each restaurant, since you are a beginner and you don’t keep up with everything. Start from the smallest and get to the skyscrapers.

Gameplay Cooking Fever mod apk

Cooking Fever mod seems to look very simple, but once you start it, you will be at a loss. Your establishment is not only large in size, but also in the number of visitors. You will have to give instructions to your chef so that he can serve customers. As soon as the customer approaches you, immediately click on it. The person will say what dish he wants and you can start cooking.

In Cooking Fever hack, customers need to respond immediately. As soon as they come up, immediately ask their order, even if you are busy preparing, otherwise you will lose them. If you see that the patience of the customer is about to burst, offer him a treat. Having eaten it, the buyer will choose, but with his order it is better not to delay. In case you forget the recipe, you can always look at it in the recipe book.

Features hacking Cooking Fever mod apk

Cooking Fever mod game like any other. Here you will earn big money and be able to spend it on restaurants. You need to monitor the availability of products so that they do not run out and do not burn on the grill. In case the product gets spoiled during the breaking of Cooking Fever hack, throw it away immediately. You should not risk the health of visitors, and yours too.


With the game Cooking Fever mod cope even the one who in life did not stand at the stove. The game will not only tell, but also show the stages of cooking. In addition to food, you will cook and drink. There is nothing difficult, you just need to press the start button and the machine is ready to cook. Sometimes the machines will break, then immediately call the master.

Even a child will be able to afford to play Cooking Fever hack, because it is absolutely free. All you need is to take a convenient gadget for you and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes, you can start the game and start cooking. Good luck young cook!

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